Friday, February 18, 2011

There's aliens in my bedroom.

If you've seen the movie "Communion" you'll recognize that picture from a penultimate scene. No, that's not Christopher Walken. It's an ALIEN!

As is to be expected, Christopher Walken acts like a weirdo when he spots it, sort of staring at it half-scared half-bored. How would YOU react if all of a sudden aliens showed up in your room in the middle of the night?

Some people go "oh I'd be cool with it, I'd finally get to see some damn aliens!" I sort of used to think the same thing. Ever since reading the book "Communion" (by Whitley Strieber" and seeing the movie, it's a guarantee that I'd shit my pants if it ever happened.

Imagine the primal fear of being faced with something that according to our entire system of beliefs should not exist, at night, in the dark, while being unable to move. Whitley Strieber himself had his memory wiped (according to him), and he just went insane with an obsession to protect his home against invaders and thieves, installing expensive security systems and keeping guns around. A subconscious defence mechanism against those damn aliens.

As an aside, the best part of the movie adaptation has to be the ending where Christopher Walken and the aliens are engaged in some kind of jazzy, esoteric abstract time bending bullshit communication process. Very Christopher-Walken-esque (that shit wasn't in the book).


  1. Nah man, that IS Christopher Walken. Great post though man, love your blog.

  2. Ain't touchin mah redneck ass yeeeeeeehaaaaaa( not rlly :p)

  3. haha Walken FTW!

  4. lol Walken is always the bad guy

  5. Ahh speaking of aliens I really do recommending watching the Movie "Paul" its pretty funny!

  6. awesome movie. Creeped me the fuck out first time I saw it. Plus christopher walken is in it.