Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's get comfortable and slip into an alternate reality.

When I read about John Titor for the first time on a website called "", I also read about those who talked "directly" to the time traveller slipping into alternate realities. They'd talk about how buildings wouldn't be there the next day, or how their car suddenly had chrome trim that wasn't there before. Then their paranornal discussion website would go haywire for reasons unknown after John Titor posted there. Posts would dissappear, new ones would appear out of nowhere, etc.

From what I read, John Titor during his posting spree in 2000 talked about how his very presence in our timeline altered our reality and diverged the course of history into a different path. Funny how the following year 9/11 happened. That kind of thing looks like some implausible event that should've happened in an alternate reality. He never mentioned anything about two planes flying into the WTC though; so either he was a big hoax or we're in a much different timeline than and none of that Third World War of his ever happens.

I tried to find websites or anything about people 'slipping' into alternate realities, but that shit is hard to find. I remember reading forum posts about people saying they slipped into realities where the WTC was still standing or something. They looked a little crazy.

There are a few inconsistencies in my memories (and I have a very good memory), like my dad's car being silver instead of blue when I was 3-4 years old, or being sure Huey Lewis was supposed to be dead until two months ago when I saw him alive on TV. My memory can't be perfect though. Huey Lewis is pretty much off the map nowadays. We just all forgot he existed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have fun sleeping tonight.

On November 5th 1975, Travis Walton, a logger, is abducted by aliens. On November 10th 1975, Travis Walton is found naked in a gas station bathroom.

I work in a gas station. Those bathrooms are filthy.

The result is the movie "Fire In The Sky", based on the book he wrote about his experience. Here's the awesome abduction scene that scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

- Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I touched on the concept of time in an earlier post. A lot of people like to think of time as the fourth dimension. Time isn't the fourth dimension, it is simply the way we perceive the fourth dimension.

Now, I'm no physicist. Not even close. I have a degree in political science. Even so, I like to picture the fourth dimension as one of those note paper cubes that people keep next to their phones. "WHAT?!" you're probably thinking. "CUBES ARE THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPES YOU CLOD!!". That they are my overly-excited friend, but consider the following and settle down for chrissake.

As three-dimensional beings, we can perceive the first dimension (a straight line), the second dimension (a square) and the third dimension (a cube). What about a two-dimensional being? He's stuck in his two-dimensional square, unable to picture what the third dimension even looks like. But wait, he IS percieving the third piece at a time.

That's where the paper cube comes in. Each square of paper represents a frame in time for the two-dimensional being. We, as three-dimensional beings, see the cube as a whole. Therefore, we see the entire existence of the two-dimensional being at once. Nay, the existence of his entire universe at once. He travels through the square, one piece at a time, we see the entire square all at once.

Why should the fourth dimension be any different? Four-dimensional beings see the course of our entire lives all at once, as some kind of big blob of cubes. Our separate cubes (moments in time) stack up together to create some kind of awesome fourth-dimensional note paper...thing.

No I'm not on drugs.

Ancient societies and "celestial gods"

I just read this in a forum post about "things that blow your mind". It blew MY mind at least.

Both Mayans and Egyptians have stories relating to "celestial gods" that came down and taught them many things.
>Mayans and Egyptians are the first cultures to construct pyramids, incredibly advanced constructions that appear to be hundreds of years more advanced than everything other civilizations were building at that time.

>Some Egyptian rulers would practice cranial deformation in an attempt to "resemble the likeness of the gods"
>Mayans were also one of the few cultures to practice cranial deformation and have stories relating to how it was a practice taught to them by the gods.

Sort of like that new Indiana Jones movie, but you can see the scriptwriters didn't take the concept of aliens in ancient civilizations out of thin air.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Time travel is one of my favorite realms of the paranormal. Sure, we all travel through time (forwards at a 1:1 pace), but is it possible to break out of the normal flow of time?

I'm sure a lot of you know about John Titor, the presumed time traveller from another time/parallel dimension. For those who don't, he was sent here by his local government from a semi-barren post-apocalyptic wasteland to pick up an old IBM computer from the 1970s of all things. Apparently, this computer was the only one who could program and interpret code in some sort of programming language.

There's a LOT more info here

Buenas noches Mein Fuhrer!

Now, historians are rather unanimous on the ultimate fate of Hitler at the end of World War 2. However, there's long been "rumors" that he did not, in fact, commit suicide.

Apparently, Hitler was still ALIVE in 1967! Not only that, a bunch of buisnessmen had some kind of inner circle where one of the initiations was meeting him.

When me and my friends started a club, my initiation was to run around the park a couple of times and ride my bike backwards.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My own paranormal events.

My life isn't quite paranormal, but there have been two events I've experienced that may enter the realm.

The first one, I was in the car with my uncle on a highway between two major cities, during the day. The sky was bright and only slightly cloudy. Suddenly, we saw a red streak of light go very fast from the top of the sky to the horizon in a diagonal line. My uncle said "maybe it was a bird". It obviously wasn't! My guess is it may have been a meteor. But red meteors? I don't know.

The second event happened when the same uncle was around as a matter of fact. He was over at my house visiting and talking with my mom. I was sitting on a chair absent-mindedly looking at the dining room table. All of a sudden, a glass on the table moved slightly, as if somebody flicked it. Nothing else at all moved on the table. I checked the placemats and everything.

Is my uncle being followed by alien ghosts?!