Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancient societies and "celestial gods"

I just read this in a forum post about "things that blow your mind". It blew MY mind at least.

Both Mayans and Egyptians have stories relating to "celestial gods" that came down and taught them many things.
>Mayans and Egyptians are the first cultures to construct pyramids, incredibly advanced constructions that appear to be hundreds of years more advanced than everything other civilizations were building at that time.

>Some Egyptian rulers would practice cranial deformation in an attempt to "resemble the likeness of the gods"
>Mayans were also one of the few cultures to practice cranial deformation and have stories relating to how it was a practice taught to them by the gods.

Sort of like that new Indiana Jones movie, but you can see the scriptwriters didn't take the concept of aliens in ancient civilizations out of thin air.


  1. blew my mind too....

  2. Really messed up... IMO stuff like this is definite proof that there is some other stuff out there we are not entirely aware of somehow

  3. this is not a good board to look at at night. now im scared!