Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's get comfortable and slip into an alternate reality.

When I read about John Titor for the first time on a website called "", I also read about those who talked "directly" to the time traveller slipping into alternate realities. They'd talk about how buildings wouldn't be there the next day, or how their car suddenly had chrome trim that wasn't there before. Then their paranornal discussion website would go haywire for reasons unknown after John Titor posted there. Posts would dissappear, new ones would appear out of nowhere, etc.

From what I read, John Titor during his posting spree in 2000 talked about how his very presence in our timeline altered our reality and diverged the course of history into a different path. Funny how the following year 9/11 happened. That kind of thing looks like some implausible event that should've happened in an alternate reality. He never mentioned anything about two planes flying into the WTC though; so either he was a big hoax or we're in a much different timeline than and none of that Third World War of his ever happens.

I tried to find websites or anything about people 'slipping' into alternate realities, but that shit is hard to find. I remember reading forum posts about people saying they slipped into realities where the WTC was still standing or something. They looked a little crazy.

There are a few inconsistencies in my memories (and I have a very good memory), like my dad's car being silver instead of blue when I was 3-4 years old, or being sure Huey Lewis was supposed to be dead until two months ago when I saw him alive on TV. My memory can't be perfect though. Huey Lewis is pretty much off the map nowadays. We just all forgot he existed.


  1. Much like with John Titor, I had never heard of him or Huey Lewis till your blog, but I've lived under a rock for the most part... so yeah...

  2. that sounds interesting.

    I like your blog, I'll be following.

  3. Sucks to be Huey Lewis, but I imagine things are even rougher for the News.

  4. Love the idea for your blog! :) following and supporting!

  5. AUGH!!! MY BRAIN!!!

    Remember that episode of Fringe when the two dimensions merged for a moment and people fused together with their alternate selves? That shit was freaky man.

  6. You got some creepy but awesome stuff here :)! - following you for sure :)