Friday, January 14, 2011

My own paranormal events.

My life isn't quite paranormal, but there have been two events I've experienced that may enter the realm.

The first one, I was in the car with my uncle on a highway between two major cities, during the day. The sky was bright and only slightly cloudy. Suddenly, we saw a red streak of light go very fast from the top of the sky to the horizon in a diagonal line. My uncle said "maybe it was a bird". It obviously wasn't! My guess is it may have been a meteor. But red meteors? I don't know.

The second event happened when the same uncle was around as a matter of fact. He was over at my house visiting and talking with my mom. I was sitting on a chair absent-mindedly looking at the dining room table. All of a sudden, a glass on the table moved slightly, as if somebody flicked it. Nothing else at all moved on the table. I checked the placemats and everything.

Is my uncle being followed by alien ghosts?!

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  1. That's pretty cool, if telekinesis is real, he's been practicing.